Bringing Back the Tea Revolution

I for one love a good cup of tea. Over the years I have explored some of the main tea producing countries with fascination and intrigue to tea history. With the upsurge of herbal teas, I would like to bring you more on tea.

AC Silver Tea Caddies © Say U Ltd

Bringing Back the Tea Revolution

We all know that us Brits love a brew (or two), in fact its a major corner of our general stereotypical image around the world. We invest a lot of time into finding the 'right' tea-bag, arguing over the right methodology (water first then milk if you were wondering), and buying all manor of tea related dining wear from teapots to tea leaf strainers, and tea caddies.

So what If I was to say that we only rank 15th in the world rankings of tea consumerism? Doesn't sound right does it? Well it's a fact that many other countries consumer more tea than us, however, we think we know why we don't drink as much as others – time and quality. We often don't have time to sit and enjoy a brew with loved ones that has been lovingly made and presented in our favourite mug or tea cup.

Which is why we believe that making tea should be a time for quality, relaxation and taking time out. To help you create your perfect setting we have searched high and low for the very best in antique tea-ware. Our favourite? The tea caddy!

We know what you're thinking – what exactly is a tea caddy and how can we use them?

Tea caddies have a long and wide reaching history starting in China, and travelling, along with the tea drinking traditions, over to the UK. The tea caddy was originally designed to hold loose tea leaves (making it a perfect gift for those who enjoy the finer things in life), keeping them dry, some even had locks on them to keep the precious tea leaves safe at a time when tea leaves were extremely valuable and sought after.

We Brits took the tea caddy, combined it with various precious metals and now have a wide range of high quality, antique tea caddies in this country. A tea caddy can make a beautiful – well thought out gift, to a loved one (or yourself).

With the increase in herbal teas currently sweeping the nation, we believe that the tea caddy is sure to make a comeback as a key piece of luxury tea storage kit.

You can find out more about the tea caddy, it's history and luxurious quality craftsmanship by browsing AC Silver collections and blog.

I would love to hear from you. Do you have a tea caddy? favourite cup of tea? or perhaps you have a question or comment. Please email

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