Tricks of the Trade, Italy


As I was saying, after traveling for many years I am a great believer that as well as being a great teacher it also brings gratitude and understanding of the many cultures and issues that are going on in the world.

Being a regular traveller has not made me inaccessible to some of the trials and tribulations that can happen whilst traveling. I would like to share some of my learning curves with you that I hope you will enjoy and help you on your journey.

The next story takes us to the Mediterranean, the home of great food including pizza and pasta. Yes, the lovely country of Italy.

In the main tourist stops of Rome and Naples pick pocketing is strife. The thieves have got it down to a fine art form. It’s so quick you do not feel a thing, completely painless until you discover your wallet or purse has gone. Do not leave your bag on the ground inside a restaurant. Even at your feet it is not safe! The back pocket of trousers, the inside of jacket pockets with no zips is another targeted area. Be aware of your surroundings on tubes, in stations and at airports.

I have been lucky to that extent that none of the above has happened to me. I have a very different story to tell.