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Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Like many I was glued to the television when Sir David Attenborough introduced us to Madagascar back in 2011. But it wasn't for the first time as Sir David took his first trip to Madagascar in 1961, where he was searching for one of the rarest animals of all an Indri Lemur. Did you know that over 80% of the animals and plants can't be found anywhere else on the planet. The island located of the southeast coast of Africa has as a diverse landscape as it does animals. As seen in 2011 Madagascar: The Strangest Place on Earth, the three BBC documentaries: Island of Marvels, Lost Worlds and Land of Heat and Dust. Since our first trip in 2014 we have returned again, only to be as amazed as we were on our first trip. Here is what you can experience when you travel to the land that time forgot.

Would you like to know what an Indri Lemur sounds like?

A to Z Travel Blog - Madagascar

Madagascar the Movie

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Madagascar is more widely known today for the movie with King Julian and friends. If you haven't seen it, It is very funny! Educational too with at least 4 species of lemur and of course the Fossa.

Arriving into Madagascar

We flew with Kenya Airways and again with Air Mauritius into the capital - Antananarivo known as Tana for short. Both flights were very good but if arriving in the evening the airport terminal is over run with baggage porters. It was a much more relaxed experience arriving late morning.

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The capital and largest city in Madagascar has a population of 1,299,080. It is home to the official government buildings, Rova of Antananarivo palace complex which was the centre of the Merina kingdom from the 17th century and Lac Anosy.

Arrival into Madagascar ©MDHarding

Best Time To Visit

We visited both times in September/October. Which we found to be okay with the occasional very hot day. Do apply plenty of sun lotion, as the sun is very strong!

Three Bays ©MDHarding


There are several companies that do adventure style holidays to Madagascar including G Adventures. Who we traveled with on our first group tour to south Madagascar. The tour was very interesting! On our return visit to the north of the island, we decided to travel independently with a locally based tour company - Go Travel Madagascar. Which we found to be outstanding.

Did you know you can also now visit by cruise ship?

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The country is very diverse from rain forests to dry arid areas with spectacular geological formations and beautiful white sandy beaches. Look out for the flora and fauna that has adapted to these climate zones.

Baobab Trees


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