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Traveling mishaps (part two)

Updated: Mar 23, 2023


As I was saying, after traveling for many years I am a great believer that as well as being a great teacher traveling also brings gratitude and understanding of the many cultures and issues that are going on in the world.

Being a regular traveler has not made me inaccessible to some of the trials and tribulations that can happen whilst traveling. I would like to share some of my learning curves with you that I hope you will enjoy and help you on your journey.

My second story takes us to Stockholm, Sweden. It was late December, with snow on the ground and a minus-degree wind chill in the air. Wrapped up warm, it was enjoyable walking around the old historic centre. We had visited Stockholm many times before, staying with family, though this was the first occasion we visited for Hogmanay/new year’s.

The streets were busy with late-night shoppers; we stopped for a glogg (mulled wine) to warm us up. The street stall had a constant line, the glogg was hot and reviving our fingers wrapped around the paper cup.

After hours of walking around the old town, it was time for home. The roads were awash with bright lights whizzing past in the darkness. We had settled for the evening in front of the television to watch a DVD. The leather sofa felt cold through my black cord trousers. How odd, I thought! I reached down and to my horror, I had a gaping hole in the buttocks of my trousers! I discreetly exited the room backward to investigate further. Upon seeing the full extent of the damage, my trousers had received a good diagonal slash with a knife. My handbag had been the target. Thank goodness I had a full pair of briefs on!!

Have you a story to tell? What travel mishaps have you encountered? I would love to know. Drop me an email at:

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