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World Lizard Day

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

World Lizard Day is celebrated annually by the niche of reptile lovers, conservationists, and educators. Did you know there are over 6,000 lizard species? The largest is the Komodo Dragon found on the Indonesian Islands of Komodo, Rinca, Flores, and Gili Motang. Growing to 2.6 metres and running at speeds of 20 km the powerful Komodo Dragon is one to be kept at a distance! Discover more about the world's lizards this World Lizard Day.

Galapagos Marine Iguana
Galapagos Marine Iguana ©MDHarding

World Lizard Day

I have always been fascinated by lizards with their changing colours and distinctive habitats from forests to deserts. The Chameleon is a comical character and the prehistoric Galapagos Marine Iguana is not to be sneezed at. Do you have a favourite lizard?

Brookesia Micra Chameleon
Brookesia Micra, The Smallest Chameleon, Madagascar ©MDHarding

Lizards have been around for more than 250 million years, both predator and prey. They have been likened to a velociraptor! They come in all shapes and sizes. Did you know the smallest is the Jaragua Lizard at only 16mm? Part of the lizard family are Chameleons, with the smallest being the very cute Brookesia Micra (shown above).

Events Taking Place On World Lizard Day

Join Cheshire Wildlife Trust as they Go Wild For Reptiles with an all-family event filled with quizzes, learn how to search for reptiles while out and about, and more on this online event.

Southwick's Zoo is holding a reptile keeper talk at the Earth Discovery Center. Don't miss learning and seeing Kingsley the Asian Water Monitor!

Celebrate World Lizard Day by hiking the blue trail in search of lizard fun facts. This family-friendly free event organised by Hayes Arboretum is taking place on August 15th.

Places To Visit

Did you know that London Zoo has the oldest reptile house in the world? The first reptile house was erected in 1849, and today's existing reptile house was built in 1926. If you are a big fan of Harry Potter don't miss a visit! See the filming location where Harry first speaks to the Burmese python in the Philosopher's Stone. Today it's home to London Zoo's black mamba.

Two of the most amazing countries to see lizards are Madagascar and the Galapagos Islands. Nowhere in the world is like them!

Read more in the A to Z Travel Blog: Madagascar and about the world that time forgot - The Galapagos Islands.

I hope you have enjoyed reading as much as I have enjoyed writing about the world's lizards.


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