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World Elephant Day

Elephants have been around for centuries, with the first animal that resembled an elephant (Paleomastodon) dating back 35 million years ago. These charismatic intelligent animals can stand up to 13 feet (4 metres) and weighing up to 14,000 Ibs (6,350 Kilograms) approx 7 tons (4 cars). The largest living land mammal is the African Bush Elephant. Did you know there are now three species: African Bush Elephant, African Forest Elephant and the Asian Elephant. Discover more about the magnificent Elephant this World Elephant Day.

Baby Elephant
Baby African Bush Elephant, South Africa ©MDHarding

World Elephant Day

About World Elephant Day

On the 12th of August 2012, World Elephant Day was launched. Bringing attention to the urgent plight of the elephant.

Events Taking Place On World Elephant Day

For more information on the many events taking place click here.

Places To Visit

Elephant sanctuaries are the best places to visit and see these magnificent animals. Though some are not as good as others (talking from experience). My heart was broken when I saw how the elephants were chained up and on such a short chain, that only allowed them to stand on the spot. Some in so much distress they were throwing there head side to side. Many students were also visiting the Elephant Breeding Centre at Chitwan National Park in Nepal that day. I was horrified to see many of whom, climbing into the enclosures and tormenting them. My guide kindly went and had words though the damage was done and no one from the park was on hand to keep the students right. As we walked on, it wasn't long before they were again tormenting these magnificent animals. Breeding centres have their place but humans can be so cruel and some just not educated or do not care. Please do your research before visiting and support registered organisations that care about elephants.

Even better to see them in the wild from a safe distance while on safari. Is a safari on your travel list? Read more in the Big Five Safari and A to Z Travel Blog: Kenya.

Mahoot, Elephant and Baby In Chitwan National Park
Mahoot, Elephant and Baby IN Chitwan National Park ©MDHarding

How You Can Help Elephants

With around 55 African Elephants killed each day for there tusks the WWF is working tirelessly to protect and conserve elephants on both continents through specific programmes that aim to improve elephant protection and management, build capacity within range states, mitigate human-elephant conflict, and reduce poaching and the illegal ivory trade.

I am such a huge fan of elephants, I have created gifts inspired by these magnificent animals and give 50 percent of all purchases to WWF.

This year I have restocked the popular elephant gift wrap/wrapping paper. It comes in A1 130gm glossy sheets. Buy now via email.

Elephant Wrapping Paper
Elephant A1 130gm Gloss Gift Wrap/Wrapping Paper ©MDHarding

I hope you have enjoyed reading and love elephants too.

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