The World's Wine - National Wine Day

Did you know the earliest evidence of wine dates back to 6000 BC in Georgia? But some say that it dates back much further than that! The fermented drink is now consumed and enjoyed throughout the world including Verbier, Switzerland. Where is your favourite wine from? Here's some you might not have heard of and might like to try.

Vini Elisabetta Abrami, Franciacorta, Italy ©MDHarding

Blackbook Winery, London

Starting closer to home, have you heard of Blackbook Winery? Located under one of Battersea's historic brick arches. The dynamic family business produces urban wine with grapes collected within two hours of London! You can read more about Blackbook Winery here.

Blackbook Winery, London ©MDHarding

Bonzano Vini, Italy

Bonzano Vini, located in Casale Monferrato (UNESCO World Heritage Site) is a family project filled with heart, soul and inspiration from the local area. The concept dates back to 2011 and only two years ago coming to fruition with oenologist - Donato Lanati. Eight wines have been produced so far, with respect for tradition, eco-sustainability and courage to break new boundaries.

Enjoy one of the wine tasting experiences at la Mandoletta estate surrounded by 20 hectares of vineyards, surrounded by rolling hills that rise up from the nearby Po Valley, a countryside that is dotted with woods, villages and farmhouses.

Villa Mandoletta Bonz and Vini ©Bonzano Vini

Casale Monferrato

La Vigna de Leonardo

One of the locations frequented by Leonardo Da Vinci was Casa Degli Atellani a short distance from the Church of Santa Maria Delle Grazie where Leonardo painted The Last Supper. The vineyard was gifted to Leonardo by Ludovico Sforza. In 2015 the plot where Leonardo's vineyard once stood was excavated, Italian expert oenologist Luca Maroni and the University of Agricultural Sciences in Milan have worked to recreate Leonardo's favourite wine, thanks to genetic testing - Malvasia di Candia Aromatica the original grape variety has been re-planted in the original pattern of the vines in the 15th century. Enjoy a glass or two in the cafe or take a bottle of Tasto Atellano home.

Have you heard about the Milan Pass? The entry is included to both Casa Degli Atellani and to the beautiful gardens housing Leonardo's Vineyard. You can read more about Leonardo Da Vinci in Walking In The Footsteps Of Leonardo Da Vinci.

La Vigna de Leonardo ©MDHarding

Verbier, Switzerland

Switzerland is famous for its chocolate and cheeses, but it may surprise you that the country has a thriving wine industry too. Sadly, most will never get to indulge in a glass of Swiss vintage because thanks to its small production volume and thirsty citizens less than 2% of the country’s wine is ever exported. Most of it goes to Japan!  That means that if you want to experience one of Europe’s tastiest wine regions, you’ll pretty much have to go to Verbier and stay there yourself.

Verbier is home to the celebrities including James Blunt and visitors such as Richard Branson who owns The Lodge.  It may be the most well-known attraction for tourists travelling to this part of Switzerland, but to locals, Valais is revered as the country’s largest wine region. Lying on the east side of Geneva, this sprawling landscape produces nearly one-third of Switzerland’s wine. The alpine terroir has a hot and sunny climate thanks to the barrier of protection the Alps provide. This microclimate creates rich, complex wines that are difficult to duplicate in other regions.

There are over 50 different varieties of grape grown in the area, with Pinot Noir and Chasselas being the most plentiful. Petite Arvine, a floral, refreshing white wine is the headliner in Valais. Be sure to try Amigne, Humagne Rouge and Cornalin to taste wines that are not widely known outside of the country. Sierre is the capital city of the Valais region and it hosts a fascinating wine museum that is well worth a visit!

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California, USA

California is well known for its wine, it's a long time example of Viticulture in the new world. Today the most popular grape planted in California is Chardonnay with 95,000 planted acres. To capture the sheer scale and diversity of the Californian wine scene, it's home to 138 American Viticultural Areas (AVA’s) and scattered over 800 miles, the Golden State produces 85 per cent of US wine.

Tri-Valley, California - For history and flavour 

Located in Tri-Valley, Liverm