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Spring Into Action With These Fun Garden Ideas

Now is the perfect time to get out into the garden, prepare the soil, plant up bedding plants, order fragrant lavender plants and much more! I love the garden, listening to the birds and watching nature. It's the perfect place to relax and also for kiddos to have fun while learning. Here are some ideas for the whole family to enjoy.

Painted Lady Butterfly on Yellow Helenium 'Butterpat' Flowers at the Gertrude Jekyll Garden
Painted Lady Butterfly on Yellow Helenium 'Butterpat' Flowers at the Gertrude Jekyll Garden, Holy Island ©MDHarding

Grow Your own Sunflower Kit

A great way to introduce children to the garden is by giving them a pot of their own and plant some seeds. Sunflowers are really easy to grow and grow quickly in a warm sunny position.

You can buy a sunflower kit at Livingsocial or did you know you can also use edible sunflower seeds from the supermarket?

Packet of sunflower seeds, pots, labels, pencil and growing instructions.
Sunflower kit ©Livingsocial

10 Hanging Garden Flower Pots

For smaller gardens or those with only a fence why not try some hanging garden pots? These are ideal for bedding plants, trailing plants and herbs. Check out the colourful hanging garden flower pots from Livingsocial. You get 10 in the packet and come in a mixture of colours.

Brightly coloured garden hanging pots.
Colourful Hanging Garden Pots ©Livingsocial

Historic Scotland has some fun and interesting activities including tree planting kits, pizza for birds making kits and much more! Visit the Historic Scotland website to discover more.

Did you know when you make a purchase from Historic Scotland, you are playing a role in preserving and enhancing Scotland's historic environment?

Don't forget, if you are a Historic Scotland member you receive a 20% retail discount. You can find out more here.

Hessian bags filled with bird seed, peanuts and planting tools etc.
Plant A Tree Kit © National Environmental Scotland

We tend to spend more time in the garden during the day but what about the evening? Spruce up the garden with some evening lighting and enjoy marshmallow smores parties!

There are many different types of garden lighting from bee LEDs to solar powered garden lanterns and much more! Below is the LED curtain garden lights from Livingsocial.

Curtain led garden lighting.
Garden Lighting ©Livingsocial

Here in Edinburgh The Marshmallow Lady has you covered! Choose from a wide range of delicious marshmallows and add a burner in your order alongside, some wooden skewers. Yum!

Top hat marshmallow with colourful large smarties, pecan and chocolate, packet of marshmallows and toasting gel.
The Marshmallow Lady, Mallows and Toasting Kit ©MDHarding

I hope you have enjoyed reading and inspired to spring into action.

Until next time take care, Michelle.

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