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Pumpkin Packed

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

A full field of orange pumpkins with sheep grazing in the distance.
Pumpkins ©MDHarding

It's a bumper season for pumpkin picking! Did you know Pumpkins originated in Mexico, where fragments dated between 7,000 and 5,500 BC have been found? Isn't that incredible? Here's more about pumpkins, where to go picking, carving, and pumpkin-delicious recipes.

Pumpkin Packed

In the U.S.A there are hundreds of items now including pumpkin! Can you imagine eating pumpkin spice spam? Yes, it's a thing.

Pumpkin Picking

Craigies Farm, by South Queensferry, Scotland is a firm favourite with tractor rides, large pumpkin fields, hairy coos, and more!

Balgone Estate Pumpkins located by North Berwick, East Lothian is also really good.

Cairnie Fruit Farm in Fife has been producing pumpkins for 23 years! Did you know they are also hosting a Halloween Torchlight Maze?

Balgone Estate Pumpkins ©MDHarding

Pumpkin Crafts

Crochet Pumpkins