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Lost & Found at Edinburgh's Festival Fringe - Review

After a three-day run at the 2022 EdFringe, a four-star review (The Student), and one hell of a rewrite, "Lost and Found" is back! This year bigger, better, and funnier than ever before. The Counterminers presents a female-led, Glaswegian comedy like no other!

Group of friends
The Cast of Lost and Found ©Andrew Perry

Lost & Found at Edinburgh's Festival Fringe

About The Counterminers

The Counterminers started life as a Fringe theatre comedy collective founded by Lew Forman in 2019 in Edinburgh. They have grown from strength to strength since, now producing simultaneously in London, Nottingham, and Edinburgh. With a diverse range of

genres including comedy, musicals, and immersive theatre, they have now evolved into a collaborative and experimental new work theatre collective.

About Lost & Found Theatre Production

Lost and Found follows the sisterhood bond of three unlikely best friends from different

corners of the UK, fighting to find themselves as they risk losing each other.

"Have you ever been told that you're too much? Too loud? Too chaotic? Too ambitious? Too Scottish? I have. I was too much. Too much of a fanny to dump him." Meet Maeve.

She's bold, fiercely loyal, and wildly chaotic. As her home and university lives collide on a night out in Glasgow, drinks are swilled, hearts are broken, friendships are forged, and slobbery snogs are exchanged.

Highly entertaining production, with Glaswegian stereotypical humour *****

Event Information

Venue: Just The Tonic, Just The Fancy Room, The Caves.

Dates: Aug 4-27 (every alternating day)

Time: 18:10 (1hr)

Ticket Prices: £10/concessions £8

Suitable for ages 16+

Warnings and additional info: Scenes of a sexual nature, Strong language/swearing


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