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If You Knew Hee-Haw About Traveling With Donkeys, Now You Do.

During the festive period, we relate to the Christmas biblical story of Mary and Joseph on there travels with a donkey to Bethlehem and how they were kindly given a stable to rest. Donkeys originated in Africa and Egypt over 6,000 years ago. Breed primarily for meat and milk. Did you know there were two species of the African ass? These were the Nubian wild ass and the Somali wild ass. Today you can still find wild donkeys in the deserts of Northern Africa from Morocco to Somalia. Here's more about the Jackass, Mules and Burros.

Grey donkeys in a small village, Peru
Donkeys In Peru ©MDHarding

If You Knew Hee-Haw About Traveling With Donkeys, Now You Do.

I have brilliant memories of going along the beaches in the UK on ponies and donkeys, gosh that wasn't yesterday!

Then in my early twenties, I visited the island of Antiparos, in Greece where after getting off the boat I took a donkey up the 200-metre elevation to the entrance of the cave. It was a really hot day in the middle of summer, the sun was beating down with nowhere to escape it's blinding rays. I felt bad for the poor donkey having to carry me in that exhaustive heat. Today, you can drive up the new access road or perhaps you would like to visit one of the smaller neighbouring islands such as Notos. Where donkeys are still the main form of transportation.

Do you have fond memories of donkeys?

Me petting a white and light brown donkey.
Visiting Donkeys From The Donkey Sanctuary ©MDHarding

When Traveling Can Be A Real Pain In The Ass

Robert Louis Stevenson - Travels With A Donkey first published in 1879

Robert Louis Stevenson's third book tells of tales while on an adventure travelling the south of France region of Cevennes with a donkey, which turned out to be a real pain in the ass. Robert wrote how he eats white bread and that the black bread was for Modestine, washing it down with brandy or the local French Parisienne they walked across mountains, crossed ravines and through chestnut tree groves. Sleeping under the stars, in caves and auberges (traditional kitchen and stable) in rural hamlets. A meandering, endearing classic!

The book has been published a few times over the years with various front covers. If audiobooks are more your thing, click on the link below for the full audiobook.

Tim Moore - Travels With My Donkey

One Man And His Ass On A Pilgrimage To Santiago

British travel writer Tim Moore goes on a pilgrimage across southern Spain to the cathedral Santiago de Compostela. Not wanting to take a rucksack, Tim opts for a donkey named Shinto. Well worth a read!

Visiting Scotland? Did you know that there is a donkey sanctuary in the beautiful Scottish Borders? You can visit Donkey Heaven or give the gift of a sponsored donkey for Christmas.

Here is an old firm favourite Little Donkey. Did you know the original song was written sixty years ago? It hit no1 in the Uk Sheet Music Chart mid-November 1959 and continues to be one of the songs Eric Boswell was most famous for.

I hope you enjoyed reading Hee Haw - Traveling With Donkeys. I first had the idea of writing this blog last November, it sometimes takes a while for an idea to become a reality;) Would love to know your favourite memories with donkeys. Get in touch via email, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Wishing you a happy, safe festive holiday and beyond

Michelle x

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