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Hot Air Ballooning Around The World

Updated: Mar 12

Did you know you can enjoy a birds-eye view from a hot air balloon in many locations around the world? Not sure if it's for you? What about a tethered balloon ride? Discover where you can enjoy this amazing experience, as well as the many hot air balloon festivals around the world.

Red Virgin Hot Air Balloon
Virgin Balloon Flights ©MDHarding

Hot Air Ballooning Around The world

Inspired by the fictional character Phileas Fogg and his adventures around the world in 80 days based on the.real round-the-world travels of the American writer and adventurer William Perry Fogg. Over the years I have enjoyed visiting festivals and taking to the skies over Scone in rural Perthshire, Scotland. Wow! What an experience.

The red-letter day was taken as part of accrued award points, with American Express credit card. How cool is that?

Turned out to be with Virgin Hot air balloon experiences. It was really easy to book. In fact, we had already booked and travelled to York. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't in our favour and we had to re-schedule. There are flights available throughout the UK, in the end, we opted to give it another go closer to home. I had no idea the balloon was going to be that big and hold so many people! On arrival, it was just a matter of climbing into the basket. With my little legs, it was a bit of a challenge. There were twelve of us soring high over Scotland.

It was very peaceful and a little surreal on a lovely summer's day. I thought it might be cold up there, taking a fleece just in case. Actually, it was warm with continuous heat from the gas flame.

The flight went by quite quickly and before we knew it, we were descending into a farmers' field. Holding on to one of the ropes inside the basket, preparing for a bumpy landing, all was fine. We all had the option to assist with the folding up of the balloon and re-load onto the trailer, afterwards enjoying a glass of champagne.

Not long after the experience, we received a DVD, certificate and photograph (taken during the flight).

Aerial View over Perth, Scotland
Aerial view over Perth, Scotland ©MDHarding

Strathaven, Scotland

Scotland's only hot air balloon festival takes place annually in the historic town of Strathav