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Handmade Christmas Decorations

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Each year I have loved watching Kirsty's Handmade Christmas, as well as a number of inspiring YouTube videos. This year with having a little more time on my hands, I have excitingly jumped right in and made some Scandinavian travel-inspired ones. Here are some of my favourites that you can make too.

Pre-light Christmas Tree adorned with pine cones and red berries. Decorated with glass red mushrooms, wooden disc reindeer Christmas Tree ornaments, clear round baubles with green trees and faux snow, robin, little felt red and grey gnomes. Standing tall at the top of the tree is a grand angel. .
Scandinavian Styled Christmas Tree ©MDHarding

Handmade Christmas Decorations

Wooden Disc Reindeer Ornaments

These are so easy to make, here is what you need:

.Pre-drilled wooden slices/discs (I bought a packet of 10 from Amazon)

.Packet of wooden craft reindeer (The Works, 6 in a packet)

.Silver spray paint (The Works for only £1)

.Tartan ribbon (Hobbycraft)

.Wood glue/hot glue gun (Already had)

What to do you think? Will you give these a go?

Wooden reindeer spray painted silver and glued to wooden disc. Then completed with tartan ribbon to hang on Christmas Tree
Reindeer Wooden Disc Christmas Tree Ornaments ©MDHarding

Clear Tree and Snow Christmas Baubles

You will need:

. Clear Christmas tree baubles ( Packet of six including hanging twine Hobbycraft)

.Packet of faux miniature trees (Hobbycraft)

.Bag of faux snow (B&M £1)

.Glue gun (Already had)

I think they are so effective. You could put anything you like inside. Looking to surprise your partner? What about placing the engagement ring inside? The baubles come in two halves and are secured by twisting together. Ideal, if you would like to change them the following year.

Clear Christmas tree baubles with miniature faux trees and snow, hung with natural twine on the Christmas tree.
Clear faux tree and snow Christmas tree baubles ©MDHarding

Wooden Ball Wreath Christmas Tree Decoration

What you will need:

.Wooden beads (Hobbycraft)

.Floral wire (Already had)

.Ribbon (Hobbycraft)

.Glue gun (Already had)

I bent the floral wire into shape around the ribbon holder, to create a circle. Then left a space for the ribbon bow to sit before twisting the ends of the wire together. I tied the ribbon bow on but you could also hot glue it.

A wooden bead hoop with red tartan ribbon Christmas tree decoration
Natural Wooden Bead Wreath with Tartan Ribbon Christmas Tree Decoration ©MDHarding

Bell Wreath Christmas Tree Decoration

You will need:

Same as above but swap out the wooden beads for bells, also bought from hobbycraft. You will need the hot glue gun to secure each of the bells in place, as they move around a lot and catch on one another.

Love bells at Christmas remind me of sleigh bells.

Gold Bells secured with hot glue gun on floral wire and a little red tartan bow.
Bell Wreath and Tartan Ribbon Christmas Tree Decoration ©MDHarding

Christmas Mug Warmers/Cosies

If you have been following me for a while, you will know I just love chocolate! I was inspired to create a cocoa station with some essentials (wink) Chocolate stirrers, peppermint candy canes, mini marshmallows, cocoa powder and I couldn't stop there. Yes, you guessed. Mug cossies. I have seen plain ones available for sale in shops and online with only knitting patterns for Christmas Cosies but if you're like me and have little time, here is a wee shortcut.

Here's how you can create your's own themed mug cosy easily.

What you will need:

.Christmas stocking

.Sewing machine


.Two buttons ( MT0198)

One stocking was big enough to cut two pieces and cover two mugs. Then I just stitched on a button and some wool as a catch. I love how they have turned out and totally match my Christmas theme. Have you created a mug cosy?

White Tray with two mugs dressed in wool white and red mug warmers. One is empty the other filled with a melted homemade chocolate stirrer, squirty white cream topped with cinnamon and also a cinnamon stick.These have snowflakes and reindeer. There is also a small Scandinavian red hatted gnome. To the other side three glass mason jars with white wooden snow flakes stuck to the top of the silver lids. One with mini marshmallows, the middle with hot chocolate powder drinking chocolate mix and the last with peppermint candy canes. To the front and centre of the tray is a large white ceramic plate with the moto driving home for Christmas. On top is homemade large chocolate stirrers.
Wool Mug Warmers with Hot Chocolate Essentials ©MDHarding

I hope you have enjoyed reading Handmade Christmas Decorations as much as I have enjoyed making and sharing them. As always, you can reach out with any questions/suggestions. Get in touch via email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Until next time, stay safe and well.

Happy Holidays,

Michelle x


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