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12 delicious, traditional Christmas foods from around the world

Christmas Pudding ©

Christmas Treats from Around the World

Here are some delicious Christmas treats from around the world that you might like to try. Thanks to By Erik Wolf, Executive Director, World Food Travel Association.

No matter if you celebrate Kwanza, Hanukah or Christmas, each of those holiday traditions offers wonderful and unique food and drink experiences.

When we consider Christmas foods, we need to look at countries with a Christian tradition, so while Christmas might be celebrated by some people in Africa, the Middle East or Asia, the Christmas food traditions are simply not well developed enough in those places.

Below I’d like to share some of those Christmas foods and drinks that I have enjoyed from North America, Latin America, Europe and Oceania. The handy thing about Christmas foods is that you do not have to be Christian to enjoy them!

Turrón (Spain)

Turrón, Spanish Confectionery ©

Seen in Spain around the holidays, turrones look like blocks of chocolate, but are actually made of nougat and other ingredients like nuts and fruits. The most common ones are chocolate based but there are white ones too. There are as many different kinds of turrones as there are towns in Spain! The sweet is a legacy of the Moorish invasion of Spain 1000 years ago.

Glühwein (Germany)