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Get Garden Ready

If there was one place last year we appreciated more than any other part of our home, it was the garden. Where we were lucky to have a sanctuary and escape the madness of Covid-19. To sit, take in the birds singing and the warmth of the sun on our pale winter weather-beaten skin and the one place we could also enjoy the company of family and friends.

Garden furniture on decorative stones by lawn with wooden panelled fence to the back and trellis/arch covered in climbers.
Garden Bistro Set ©MDHarding

Today the sun is out and it reminds me of the good times we had in our garden. The annual nesting of blue tits, chirping loudly from the bird box secured within the mighty conifer tree. The late lazy afternoon's sly fox would soak up the rays on the lawn. The buzzing of bees busily collecting nectar from the cherry blossom. Just heaven!

Fox Sleeping on The Lawn.
Sly Fox Enjoying The Afternoon Sun ©MDHarding

Over 13 years we transformed the overgrown, weed-filled and run down garden into a landscaped wildlife-friendly haven. Here are a few components you might like to add to your garden.

Get Garden Ready

Do you have an idea of what you would like in your garden or, you might have a plan in mind, inspired by a visit to Tuscany or possibly Japan?

Did you know that you can hire an expert, not only in garden design but also in Feng Shui? They can assist in all elements from a design, right through to installation. Feng Shui takes into specific areas of the garden that are linked to areas of your life, from family to health and wealth. That water feature might not be the best in your wealth area!

Green lush planting with upright trees on a hillside dotted with salmon coloured buildings.