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Events You Might Like To Visit As Part of COP26

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

COP26 (Conference Of Parliaments taking place on the 26th occasion) may have already started in Glasgow, but the event, decision making and effects will go on for sometime. There are two things that I would love to highlight and think may be of interest.

STORM ©Vision Mechanics

Events You Might Like To Visit As Part of COP26

A storm is brewing and heading for Falkirk this coming Saturday!

The 10ft high sea goddess "STORM" is on a mission to highlight the effect climate change has on our oceans.

STORM ©Vision Mechanics & Visit Falkirk

From the makers of Big Man Walking - Vision Mechanics, comes a folklore giant made-real. STORM lives in the waters around Scotland, and in 2021 she will walk on land to tell the story of the oceans in crisis. STORM will be appearing in Falkirk on the 6th of November as part of SHOP 26.

Towering over her brother Big Man at 10m tall, her eyes are the colour of oyster shells, her hair thick strands of kelp, her voice the chorus of the waves.

Giant puppet STORM will walk around the streets of Falkirk and gaze down upon both the beauty and the mess strewn at her feet.

A new feat of mechanical mastery from Edinburgh’s Vision Mechanics, STORM is an outdoor theatrical event to mark Scotland’s Year of Coasts and Waters 20/21.

You can register for tickets in Falkirk here or in Glasgow on Wednesday 10th November STORM will be attending COP26 in Glasgow.

Totem Latamat - Hidden Garden, Glasgow

Totem Latamat - State of Emergency Around The World ©Border Crossings Origins

The 4.5m tall hand-carved totem - Totem Latamat (meaning life), was carved from one single cedar tree carved by Totonac artist Jun Tiburcio, during a ceremony to thank it for its life. Carved with the head of a man, the wings on an eagle and hummingbirds, expressing how both man and nature are interwoven. Traveling 9000km from the Mexican Totonacapan region to the UK for COP26; a message to our communities and world leaders conveying the need for immediate action on the damage done by climate change. Currently located in the HIdden Garden, Glasgow until 14th November before traveling on to Dumfries and Galloway where it will be ceremonially returned to the Earth. Today 100 indigenous elders came together to connect, light the ceremonial fire and send prayers.

Totem Latamat has traveled to important cultural hubs across the UK before coming to Glasgow and is part of ORIGINS, a year-long Indigenous and art and culture festival showcasing the work of leading Indigenous artists and activists exploring the themes of climate, Covid and colonialism.

I hope you have enjoyed reading and are inspired to visit one or both events.

Until next time. Take care, Michelle


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