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Edinburgh International Book Festival - Year of Stories 2022

Updated: Mar 14

I love a good story and this past year there have been several yarns (long or rambling stories, especially those that are implausible) told. Some that are worth investing in are those told at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. Here are some you might enjoy.

The Gruffalo ©Edinburgh International Book Festival / Roberto Ricciuti

Edinburgh International Book Festival - Year of Stories 2022

Yvette Fielding: Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters!

Yvette Fielding ©Edinburgh International Book Festival / Simone Padovani

You may know Yvette as one of the youngest Blue Peter presenters or more recently from the t.v series Most Haunted.

This was one of my most awaited events at Edinburgh International Book Festival and it did not disappoint!

Yvette has just finished her latest book - The Ripper of Whitechapel: Ghost Hunter Chronicles 2. Which is available for pre-order online from the Edinburgh Book Festival Shop.

We (the audience) were all on the edge of our seats, as Yvette read a bit from the book. The gripping tales of how Jack The Ripper's ghost is captured but the scientific equipment can't hold him. The box starts to crack open.....

Yvette goes on to tell us about the most terrifying experiences she and her team have encountered. Wow! If you have ever thought something has gone boo in the dark, it probably has.

Catch up on-demand - Yvette Fielding.

Alexander McColl Smith: A Writer For Good

Alexander McCall Smith ©Kirsty Anderson

Alexander McCall Smith is amazing, witty, and has a great sense of humour. Past written books have included antidotes of real famous people. At this year's Edinburgh International Book Festival, he tells the audience of endeavors where a book was already written and he decided to bring it to life.

These tales come to life in his latest books including the deliciously quirky Tiny Tales, the latest Number 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency novel, and a slightly twisted collection of stories, Best Served Cold: Tales of Revenge.

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