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A Volvo Is For Life

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

It's so true a Volvo is for life! All of my life, the family have been the proud owners of Volvo's, from estates to hatchbacks. The safest car on earth is reliable, comfortable and most importantly gets you from a to b. Here's why you should invest in a Volvo.

Proud Owner 440 Volvo, North Coast 500, Scotland ©MDHarding

A Volvo Is For Life

The first car manufacturing company to bring in the seat-belt safety feature, it's been said that Volvo are more safety-conscious than design-driven. Today they are both but what about being built to last?

About Volvo

The Swedish car manufacturer Volvo was founded in April 1927. Based in Gothenberg, the once small local industry has grown into a multinational company producing trucks, buses construction equipment while also supplying marine and drive systems.

Did you know you can also visit the Volvo museum? Filled with iconic Volvo cars, trucks and buses! The non-profit organisation is run by Volvo enthusiasts, repairing and restoring old vehicles. Due to Covid-19, the museum is currently closed. Good news, it's due to re-open 20th August.

One of the most famous models was the Volvo P1800 seen in The Saint. Launched in 1960, with its sleek lines.

My first Volvo was the 440 manufactured between 1987 - 1996. In 2018 it celebrated its 30th birthday and is classed as a heritage model. Owner of a K registration from 1989, it took me the length and breadth of the country from central Scotland to John O'groats around the north coast 500 (back when it wasn't an official route in 2004), down to Lake Windermere, Land's End and the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall. By 2012 its wheel arches were well and truly rust riddled. I loved that car and at 23 years old, it had outweighed my expectations.

Getting Ready For Another Day Exploring Around The Lake District ©MDHarding

Currently driving my second S40 Volvo registered in 1999 which has been in the family since 2002. I took ownership back in 2015 and over 20 years old it is still going, although this might be its last year (which we said last year). My second you may ask, the first owner lived on a farm and the wheel arches well, let's just say the wheel arches had been through the wringer.

Visiting The Tidal Island of Lindisfarne ©MDHarding

Back in 2015, I was thinking of buying a new Volvo and had the opportunity to borrow the XC60 for a test drive. Amazing! So many great features on this vehicle from its fuel consumption to a built-in reversing camera. One thing that really helped for a shorty like me, was the adjustable height steering wheel. It's incredibly spacious and very comfortable to drive for long distances. It's also a very cool vehicle. Not something you could have said about a Volvo design in the past.

Exploring Wester Ross, Scotland ©MDHarding

Volvo are consistently innovating new technologies such as hybrid fuel, self-parking and the autonomous car due to be released by 2021. Volvo is also aiming to be carbon-free by 2040.

How can you not be a proud owner of a Volvo? As a brand, they are ticking all the right boxes, selling a product that is environmentally friendly, family-friendly and is built to last.

I hope you have enjoyed reading, inspired to invest and be a proud owner of a Volvo too.

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