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Panda Optics Sunglasses Review

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Wherever you are in the world, it's always a good idea to protect your eyes from the harmful sun rays. Here in Edinburgh, we have been experiencing a particular and rare case of seeing a lot more of the large round yellow thing in the sky. Not usual for Scotland at all! So I was really excited to try the new range of Panda Optics sunglasses.


Panda Optics Sunglasses Review


The day arrived quickly when I could unwrap and try the new Panda Optics sunglasses. They came in both a sturdy leather effect outfacing black case, with a felt soft lining & panda motif, and also a soft black drawstring pouch also with a panda motif.



The new Tide White Polarised Panda Optics Sunglasses come fitted with UV400+ polarised lenses. All UV sunglasses protect us from the natural direct sunlight but did you know only polarised sunglasses protect us from the 80% UV radiation reflected upwards from the snow? So great for winter holiday destinations too!


Panda’s unique metal C-Hinge

All sunglasses after a few months become loose at the leg hinge no matter if inexpensive or expensive. With the C-Hinge the arm is constantly held under tension from the C-shaped metal, this means they are not simply relying on screws to pivot around.

©Panda Optics

Seeing Through Panda Optics

After wearing the glasses on a number of occasions, I found them to be stylish, light, and comfortable to wear. I don't know about you but I usually end up wearing sunglasses on my head while in shops or visiting attractions. Some sunglasses have metal nose pieces that can get tangled in your hair. Panda Optics Tide Sunglasses are perfect for quickly adjusting from your head to your eyes and no more tangled hair. The white colour means they are great to go with most outfits and are easy to clean (make-up). The downside is I'm not that keen on the bar that goes across the top and they don't quite compliment my face shape, these are just personal preferences. I still continue to enjoy wearing them as they have good contrast lenses and are comfortable to wear in bright conditions.


About Panda Optics

Panda Optics is a British company and manufacturer of winter sports equipment including ski goggles and sunglasses. Winter goggle models include the Cobalt and Diablo ranges as well as a new children's range called Cub. Panda uses the highest level of technology and materials in their goggle production and works with several brand ambassadors including British Olympic ski racer, Chemmy Alcott.

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