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A to Z Travel Blog - Gibraltar

Updated: Mar 14

I can't believe that we are already 7 months into 2018, gosh the year is going quickly! It was another difficult decision this month deciding which country to write about Greece, Germany, or Gibraltar (Greenland, Guatemala, Grenada, and a few others are still on the list). In the end, the British Island of Gibraltar - 2018 A Year of Culture won hands down. Famously known as The Rock of Gibraltar it was first occupied by the Moors and then fought over by the French and Spanish for centuries, before being occupied by the British. At only 3 square miles it is a haven in the Mediterranean located at the south tip of Spain.


A to Z Blog - Gibraltar

Reaching Gibraltar

Today Gibraltar can be reached via cruise ship, by driving overland from Spain, by train from London, Paris, or Madrid, and several airlines including low-cost carrier easyJet with fares from as low as £25.00 one way!

Did you know easyJet now offers a number of children's book titles on board in its library? And also boarding is even easier with the new check-in luggage at-home option.


Monkeying Around

Don't miss the must see's and do's while visiting