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A to Z Travel Blog - Belgium

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Last month I started the A to Z Country Blog and the first amazing destination of Australia. This month I bring to you the western European country of Belgium. Belgium might have missed your radar in the past but here's why you should visit this diverse country, packed with history, colourful architecture and delicious food.

Market Square Brugge ©MDHarding

A to Z Country Blog - Belgium

About Belgium

Belgium is known for its medieval towns, Renaissance architecture, canals, chocolate and of course Stella Artois beer.

The country is home to a population of over 11.5 million (2016) and 1.14 million people alone in the capital city Brussels. If you grew up in the 1980's you might have watched the cartoon The Smurfs or be a fan of Tintin? Today you can visit the Smurf statue and walk the Tintin Trail.

Sailing Along The Canals, Bruge ©MDHarding

How To Get There & Getting Around

We sailed from Rosyth to Zeebrugge some years ago now. Today you can fly or travel via the Eurostar from London St Pancras changing at Brussels or perhaps you would like to take a mini cruise with P&O Ferries from Hull to Zeebrugge?

Once in Belgium there is so much to explore, we took the train from Bruges to both Brussels and Antwerp on day trips but you might like to extend your stay and see much more!

Medieval Buildings Sailing Into Zeebrugge ©MDHarding


Bruges is the charming medieval capital of West Flanders in Northwest Belgium. The fairytale cobbled streets with it's many dreamy canals date back to the early 13th century. The best way to get around is either on foot or by enjoying a relaxing boat trip along one of it's many canals. With Easter on it's way, enjoy shopping for sweet treats in the quaint little chocolate shops.

If you have ever seen the movie In Bruges you might recognise the scene below. For more on what to see and do here is The Top 10 Things To Do In Bruges.

In Bruges ©MDHarding


Brussels is a huge city, it's easy to get a little disorientated when you leave the train station. If only visiting for the day why not enjoy the Hop On and Off City Tour Bus. It takes you to all the best attractions including the Atomium. The futuristic landmark building built between 1957 and 1958 for the Brussels World Fair which is now a museum.

Would you like to take another tour? Did you know there is also a Brussels Chocolate Walking Tour and Workshop.

Landmark Building - Atomium ©MDHarding


Antwerp is said to be a hidden gem with it's Art - Nouveau and Renaissance architecture and the marvel of The Catherdal of Our Lady. It's a must visit!

Don't miss The Best Of Antwerp.

Antwerp Central Rail Station ©MDHarding

I hope you have enjoyed reading about Belgium and inspired to visit. If you have any comments/questions please do get in touch. Email me at Happy Travels:) x

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