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The Camera and I

Updated: Mar 11

Thank you for your emails and questions, I would love to share some of my stories with you. A few of you have asked where my journey started and what equipment I take on assignments. The camera and I have been on a lot of adventures starting at the early age of six when I went on a school trip to Edinburgh Zoo. I have fond memories of being given the family camera and how excited I was to capture the day. The photos didn't turn out very well (camera shake) but you could still make out the iconic penguins. Since then I have always been fascinated by the camera and recording/capturing moments never to be seen again. Did you know not two images taken will be exactly the same? This month exactly twenty years ago I went on my first epic journey around the world including Australia. It was a pivotal time, finishing studying photography full-time for four years and embarking on a new adventure!

Taken during a portraiture studio class

The Camera and I - Australia

There were a lot of firsts! It was an education in itself, discovering new cultures and tasting new cuisine. Seeing the iconic landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House, enjoying Christmas on Bondi Beach, and hearing the call of a Koala! My poor SLR camera got put through its paces with water and humidity in the rain forest, sand, and dust at the incredible Pinnacles, and the dramatic change in temperatures, not to mention all the bobbing up and down in my backpack. Today the new SLR camera travels a bit more securely and a lot more discreetly.

The Pinnacles, Western Australia ©MDHarding


Over the years you discover what you need when it comes to lenses, the best way to carry them from your handbag, shoulder bag, or perhaps rucksack, not forgetting the essential silica gel sachets to absorb any moisture.

There is no one size fits all, what suits one person might not suit you but there could be some informative titbits like putting in silica gel sachets, that you might not have thought of.