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World Photography Day

Updated: 3 days ago

World Photography Day: the world’s most beautiful spots to capture

World Photography Day (19 August) is an annual, worldwide celebration of the art, craft, science and history of photography. Celebrate one of the finest arts by discovering a number of incredible spots showcasing outstanding beauty around the world. Set sights on gorgeous winter wonderland scenery in Yosemite National Park and stunning summer sunsets in Japan creating impressive asymmetric reflections. 

Japanese Thatched Roof Village - Shirakawa-go
World Heritage Site Shirakawa-go, Japan ©MDHarding


Chichibugahama beach: Setouchi, Kagawa

Kagawa is home to Chichibugahama Beach, the beach is acclaimed as one of the ‘Top 10 Sunset Spots in Japan’ and with good reason. Boasting one kilometre of beach with peaceful seawater and bathing areas, many visitors come during the summer months and swim in the beautiful setting. In recent years it has been compared to the Bolivian Salt Flats for its fantastic photo opportunities as the sky is reflected on still seawater pools along the shoreline.

Chichibugahama Beach at Sunset
Chichibugahama Beach at Sunset

Tanesashi Coast, Hachinohe

The Michinoku Coastal Trail is a Tohoku-wide, collaborative project by four prefectures and 28 cities, towns, and villages. As part of the Sanriku Fukku National Park and cited as Japan’s longest trail, the trail begins (or ends) at Kabushima Shrine in Hachinohe. Spanning more than 1,000km this is one of the best paths you can take to experience the real Japan and it is now even easier to explore thanks to a recent series of videos. The opportunity for photography is varied here as the route passes along coastal roads, through pine forests and little fishing villages, offering visitors the opportunity to stop off at secluded beauty spots along the way. The jagged coastline and changing topography lends itself to dramatic coastal shots, and visitors can even stop off at the Ashigezaki Observatory, an old stone lookout. Along the way, walkers can call into a local fish restaurant to refuel or enjoy one of the many shrines and temples as they make their way down the coastline of Hachinohe Prefecture.