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Frighteningly Ghoulish Halloween Tricks & Treats

Updated: Mar 23

With Halloween almost here, it has inspired me to delve deeper and discover more about the creepy goings-on and what is about to be unleashed this 31st of October. Are you ready to see what will be going bump in the night or taste a frighteningly ghoulish Halloween treat? on.

New York Halloween Pumpkins ©MDHarding

Frighteningly Ghoulish Halloween Tricks & Treats

History of Halloween

The origins of Halloween originated 2000 years ago when the Celts once ruled the lands and the Celtic Festival Samhain was celebrated.


Witches and Warlocks of Edinburgh

Edinburgh is acclaimed for its witches, warlocks, ghosts, and even its grave robbers. Today you can visit some of Edinburgh's old town, with its ghostly goings on. It's been 300 years since the last witch was condemned. Who will you condemn this Halloween on the Condemned Tour at Real Mary Kings Close or take one of the Edinburgh evening walking tours?

Condemned ©Real Mary Kings Close


Halloween is much larger celebrated in the U.S.A, which has grown and grown since the traditions first arrived in North America with the waves of Irish immigrants, here in Edinburgh check out for more information on venues embracing the festival.

There are also going to be chills and thrills at Linlithgow Palace with the Linlithgow Ex-Fear-Ience. Are you brave enough?

The Beltane Fire Society presents the annual Celtic Samhuinn Fire Festival at Parliament Square. Celebrating the end of Summer and the beginning of Winter. If you haven't been to one of the Beltane Fire Society Celtic festivals. I would highly recommend it! The evening is sure to be filled with entertainment, costumes, and music.