Norse of Course - All Things Viking

The Vikings first invaded the UK 793 AD bringing with them destruction and devastation. Today we celebrate there skills and ingenuity. Here are some of the events you don't want to miss!

Loch Fyne Viking Festival, Inverary ©MDHarding

Norse of Course - All Things Viking

Up Helly Aa

The annual Up Helly Aa Viking Festival takes place in Lerwick, Shetland. One of the northerly Scottish Islands. This is one festival not to be missed! With the almighty Viking squads walking the small quaint streets and the dramatic burning of the traditional viking long boat. It's a spectacular sight. One that draws in the crowds. Do book your flight or ferry and accommodation in-advance to avoid disappointment.

While visiting the area you might like to go and visit some of the places of interest.

Jarl Squad ©MDHarding

Loch Fyne Viking Festival

This year the Loch Fyne Viking Festival took place at several locations along Loch Fyne, it was a huge success. Inverary, set the scene like something out of a movie. The weather was dreich and damp with mist over the loch. Creating the perfect atmosphere for what was about to happen next. From a distance you could hear the ferocious yells and screams, then the mighty 21 foot wooden long boats appeared. Drawing closer till almost at the shore, there was a surge of energy, the vikings jumped from the boats splashing into the cold murky waters. The crowds that had gathered in anticipation, were not disappointed! There was even a 21st water balloon scuffle. A poor bystander was grabbed traditional viking style, taken to the water and given an almighty cold bath.

The rest of the day followed with fun archery lessons, action packed re-enactments and teachings of a bygone viking era with cooking and clothing demonstrations. There were also stalls selling crafts and gifts.

It was a fun day for all the family. Keep your eyes peeled for news on next years event!

Action packed festival with the Magnus Vikings.

Largs Viking Festival

Currently taking place in Largs, is the Largs Viking Festival. The whole community has been sweeped up in the extravaganza. There is a long viking history in the town, the last battle taking place on 2nd October 1263.

Stroll through the marquee before stepping back in time into the Viking living village. Don't miss the highlights including the Viking Festival of Fire with torchlit parade starting at the Viking Village at 8.00 pm for a skirmish, fire dancer, burning of the Viking longboat and spectacular fireworks display at Broomfields. For more information please check the website - Largs Viking Festival.

Why not sit back and relax onboard a Scotrail train from Glasgow Central to Largs. Taking just under an hour it takes in the beautiful west coast with it's diverse landscape.

Aargh welcome to the Largs Viking Festival ©MDHarding

Jorvik Viking Centre

April 2017 seen the re-opening of the Jorvik Viking Centre - national centre of excellence for the Viking age, now showcasing some of the British Museum's most exciting finds. Items to be featured include treasures from the Halton Moor Hoard – a collection of 860 silver coins and six gold discs, a twisted silver neck ring and a gilt silver cup dating back to around AD1025-30, in the reign of Canute. The display will also feature coins of Canute as king of both England and Denmark, and a unique die, used to strike coins towards the end of Canute’s reign. Weaponry, including spearheads and a ‘pattern-welded’ sword found near Windsor will also be on display, with axe heads and stirrups of the kind used by Vikings when travelling over land on horseback.

Discover much more about how the vikings lived as well as, displays of weaponry, jewellery, coinage and other artefacts including a Viking-age cup - Halton Moor Hoard, that is on loan from the British Museum in London.

Halton Moor Cup Silver gilt cup or bowl 9th century AD ©The Trustees of the British Museum

Viking Drinking Horns

This summer I discovered Viking Drinking Horns being sold at some of this years festivals including Foodies Festival.

The horns a cattle byproduct have taken on a new lease of life. Used as everyday drinking vessels, at important gatherings, festivals and rituals.