Scottish Tasty Delights

Over the years Scotland has gained a reputation for it's well known fizzy soft drink Irn Bru to it's historical and traditional dish Haggis, Neeps and Tatties. Which is eaten on January 25th to celebrate Burns Night. Here are some of Scotland's tasty delights you might not of heard of and are worth giving a go!

Irn Bru Made in Girders ©Irn Bru

Tasty Delights To Try in Scotland

Forfar Bridie

The Scottish meat pastry originates from the town of Forfar. Today you can enjoy it as a take away snack from the family bakery - McLaren & Sons. Who have been making this delicious beef, onion and seasoned snack since 1893. Did you know that an application had been lodged in 2015 for protected food name status? You can now be guaranteed that the savory snack will be authentic in both the EU and UK.

Forfar Bridie at McLaren & Sons Bakery ©MDHarding

Arbroath Smokies

The Arbroath Smokies are a type of smoked Haddock, originating in Arbroath. The process of smoking the fish dates back to the early 20th century when the first Auchmithie fishermen started to settle in Arbroath. The smell and taste are just mouth watering!

Arbroath Smokie ©MDHarding


Porridge dates back to the medieval times with the Roman armies being fed on oats! It has long since been a staple part of the Scottish diet. Did you know that every year a porridge competition takes place in the small village of Carrbridge, in the north of Scotland called The Golden Spurtle.

Oats Porridge ©MDHarding


Walkers Shortbread - the worlds finest shortbread has been established since 1898. Still making this delicious short crust biscuit with the finest of ingredients and still a family run business today.

Walkers Shortbread ©MDHarding

Scottish Tablet

Scottish Tablet is a traditionally medium-hard sugary sweet, made from sugar, condensed milk and butter occasionally flavoured with vanilla or whisky. Dating back to the 18th century, when first noted in the household book of Lady Grisell Baillie. It's one for those that are sweet-toothed!

Scottish Tablet ©MDHarding

Scottish Whisky & Ale's

A visit to Scotland would not be the same without visiting one of it's many whisky distilleries. Did you know there is a Whisky Trail around Scotland? If whisky is too strong for you, what about a craft ale?

Innis and Gunn craft ales to all tastes and now a stout - Kith & Kin. If visiting Edinburgh don't miss The Beer Kitchen, located on Lothian Road.

Innis & Gunn Kith & Kin Stout at The Beer Kitchen ©MDHarding