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What You Need To Know About The Gdansk Tourist Card

Most cities that you visit have the opportunity for you to buy a tourist card. These generally are available for sale at tourist information centres, souvenir shops, and visitor attractions such as museums, art galleries, etc, and are available to cover over a certain amount of days (two, three, and five days) with benefits including entry into a number of places of interest, local transport, discounts at some shops, cafes/restaurants, and visitor attractions.

These can be invaluable in saving time, organising individual entries into various attractions, and also saving you money!

Here is everything you need to know about the Gdansk Tourist Card.

Photograph of Gdansk Tourist Card in front of the Motlawa River.
Gdansk Tourist Card ©M D Harding Travel Photography

What You Need To Know About The Gdansk Tourist Card

Where You Can Purchase The Gdansk Tourist Card

You can buy the Gdansk Tourist Card online, at a number of tourist information centres in Gdansk (the most central is located on Długi Targ) at a couple of hotels including Hotel Mercure Old Town, Hotel Ibis Old Town, and at the Tourist and Airport Information at Lech Walesa Airport.

I picked mine up at the Tourist Information Centre located on Dlugi Targ, as it was the most central and is open every day throughout the year from 9am to 5pm with an extended two hours in the evening till 7pm between June - August.

If you are purchasing a Gdansk tourist card with local transport included (metropolitan ticket) you might like to collect your tourist card at the airport (opening hours: now 24 hrs 7 days a week) and be able to start using it straight away.

Landscape photograph of Green Gate on one of the main streets in Gdansk - Dlugi Targ.
Tourist Information Centre, Dlugi Targ, Gdansk (on left, before Green Gate) ©M D Harding Travel Photography

The Gdansk Tourist Card Options

There are two options for the Tourist Card in Gdansk, one is the Explorer Pack, and the other the Premium Explorer Package.

The difference is the various places of interest and attractions that are included, as well as the discounts available.

Since visiting in October 2022 the options on the tourist cards have changed slightly and there is also the possibility of tourist cards visiting more of the surrounding areas - Explore The Region (where you can visit the 13th-century Malbork Castle) and also for foodies - Tastes of Gdansk!

On the drawbridge of the castle looking through the entrance arch.
Malbork Castle - The 13th Century Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork ©M D Harding Travel Photography

Places You Can Visit With The Gdansk Tourist Card

Within Gdansk, you can visit the Amber Museum, Artus Court, Uphagen's House, Polish Post Museum, Main City Hall, National Maritime Museum, Museum of the Second World War, European Solidarity Center, and much more!

There are also discounts with Flixbus, AmberSky, Olivia Star Observation Terrace, Gdański Bowke Restaurant, River Cruise, Nowy Port Lighthouse, and many more.

The ones mentioned above, I was able to visit, and wow! So much history, culture, amazing views, and great food. Will go into more detail in my next Gdansk travel blog.

Lady taking picture of high ornate decorated ceiling.
Inside The Gdansk Main City Hall ©M D Harding Travel Photography

Benefits Of The Gdansk Tourist Card

The Gdansk Tourist Cards offer flexibility and easy entrance, into some of the most unique and historical places of interest, that are all within easy walking distance. The Gdansk Tourist Cards are great value for money, as overall are of greater value than what you would pay individuality for each place of interest. Saving you money.

I have saved my card to reload when I return. I can't wait to visit more interesting and fun attractions in Gdansk.

I hope you enjoyed reading and are inspired to visit the beautiful city of Gdansk.

Beautiful colourful architecture along the river and a quick pigeon flying past.
Walking Along The Motlawa River, Gdansk ©M D Harding Travel Photography

As always, I love to hear from you and read your comments/answer any questions you may have. You can get in touch via email, Facebook, X (formally Twitter), Instagram and I am also on YouTube.

Until next time...happy travels,

Michelle x

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