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Van Gogh Alive Edinburgh - Exhibition Review

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Van Gogh Alive Edinburgh - Exhibition Review

Vincent Van Gogh, Dutch painter (1853 -1890), was one of the most celebrated impressionist artists from the 19th century. Today his paintings sell for large sums but while he was a painter things were very different. He suffered from mental health issues but drawing/painting was his life and passion and he continued till the end. Creating over 2,000 artworks throughout his life, including over 800 oil paintings.

Discover his life through Van Gogh Alive - an incredible immersive exhibition created by Grande Experiences with a SENSORY4™ Gallery. Step into the painting of his bedroom, create your very own master piece and take a stroll through the sunflower room.

As a huge Van Gogh fan, I loved seeing all his well-known masterpieces from his early work through to some of his last pieces. The exhibition is well-orchestrated giving an in-depth immersive sensory experience. The moving art, aromas, audio are all really impressive.

The Van Gogh Alive exhibition is taking place at Festival Square, Edinburgh until July 17th 2022. You can find out more at:


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