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Mr Lees Porridge Products Review

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Last month I discovered the porridge range Mr. Lees, produced by Mr Lee, a three-time cancer survivor who is passionate about improving the food choices available and that we all have the right to quick, honest and tasty food. Born in Scotland one of our traditional dishes is porridge, made with oats it is ideal on a brisk (chilly) morning, sprinkled with some sugar. Did you know the Scottish highland village of Carrbridge hosts the annual porridge competition - The Golden Spurtle? I couldn't wait to give Mr Lees porridge products a try.

Mr Lees Porridge Products Review

Mr Lees Chicken Congee Rice Porridge

A traditional savoury rice porridge made with a blend of grains, chicken breast, mushroom, ginger and spring onion. All said to be the finest ingredients (freeze-dried), no artificial flavours, crafted to an authentic recipe. The healthy dish is also gluten and palm oil free.

The products are easy to make and enjoy, coming in their own plastic recyclable pots. Each is filled with boiling water and ready to eat in 4 minutes.

The word "congee" is associated with East Asian cuisine but originates in Kerala, India where the boiled rice is served with side dishes. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) rice congee has been recognised to have health benefits including relieving inflammation and nourishing the immune system. It's said that simple porridge is easily digested, supplementing blood and qi (life energy).

I wasn't sure what to expect as porridge is associated here in Scotland as being a breakfast dish but tonight for dinner I had Mr Lees Chicken Congee Rice Porridge. It was very filling, not too heavy and each mouthful had a kick of flavour. Although I enjoyed it, I'm more into sweet than savoury. Very excited to try the salted caramel and wild berry.

Mr Lees Porridge - Salted Caramel

Mr Lees salted caramel porridge is made with a unique blend of three grains and organic coconut blossom sugar.

I must say I did enjoy Mr Lees Salted Caramel Porridge. It was sweet but not too sweet. Ready to eat in 4 minutes too, by just adding boiling water. Low in sugar, gluten-free and vegan, as well as no artificial colours or flavourings. It is very filling, without leaving you feeling bloated afterwards.

Mr Lees Original Congee Rice Porridge

A traditional savoury rice porridge made with a blend of gains; soy sauce, ginger and spring onion.

It was bursting with flavour but must say one of my least favourites tried. Not sure if it was down to not being very hungry, the texture or just so filling that I was unable to finish the pot.

Mr Lees Porridge - So Very Berry

A fruity sweet breakfast porridge made with a blend of three grains, strawberries, raspberries and goji berries. Gluten-free, no palm oil, vegan and low in sugar. The berries are freeze-dried to lock in the goodness. Ready in a handy little recyclable plastic pot, just fill with boiling water and wait for 4 minutes.

My first impressions were that it looked delicious from the pink coloured packaging and I couldn't wait to try it. It was filled with berries and good, but I still prefer the salted caramel.

Out of all the above flavours, I have tried, my favourite still has to be the salted caramel. The smell and taste were so good. Almost like popcorn in a porridge consistency.

I hope you have enjoyed reading and inspired to try one or more of Mr Lees authentic recipe rice porridge dishes. Have you tried them? Would love to know what your favourite flavour is. Drop me an email or send me a message via facebook.

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