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Hands on Food and Drink Experiences In Edinburgh

Love food and drink? Making delicious and sweet delights? How about a more hands-on approach to food here in Edinburgh? Here are some fun and hands-on food and drink experiences to enjoy in Edinburgh.

Lady holding her hands up covered in fudge.
Fudge making at the Fudge Kitchen ©Fudge Kitchen

Hands-on Food and Drink Experiences In Edinburgh

Fudge Making Experience

The Fudge Kitchen in Edinburgh makes handmade fudge, using sustainable and good quality natural ingredients. Only FSC-approved packaging and also supports giving back to local initiatives and causes.

The Fudge Making Experience takes 1-2 hours in the Fudge Kitchen on the High Street/Royal Mile, Edinburgh. if you don't fancy it for yourself why not give the gift of fudge-making to a friend or family member (Christmas is coming!)?

Two ladies experiencing making fudge.
Making Fudge at The Fudge Kitchen ©Fudge Kitchen

Chocolate Making

Do you just love chocolate? Step into chocolate heaven at The Chocolatarium!

Discover the world of chocolate, its history and make your own bar of delicious chocolate on the Chocolate Tour at The Chocolatarium just off Edinburgh's historic High Street/Royal Mile. The tour is suitable for all chocoholics over the age of 6.

Unicorn shaped chocolate bar
Handmade Chocolate Bar - The Chocolatarium, Edinburgh ©M D Harding Travel Photography

Potion Making

Join an immersive cocktail class at Edinburgh School of Magic. Where you don a cloak, wield a working magic wand & use molecular mixology to brew drinkable elixirs.

The potion-making experience takes place at The Cauldron, Fredrick Street, Edinburgh. During the 1 hour 45 minute class dawn your clock and prepare 2 molecular cocktails (or non-alcoholic drinks) that you brew and 1 welcome drink poured by magic wand.

Lady making a cocktail using a wand to touch a unicorn head.
Potion Making at The Cauldron ©The Cauldron

What fun and magical food and drink experience will you try first?

Until next time...Michelle.


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