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Celebrating New Year In Las Vegas

There are so many amazing places in the world to celebrate and enjoy the holidays, Las Vegas is one of those places! They say that Las Vegas is only for those that like to gamble but there is so much more. The hotels for one are really interesting and entertaining to see. Don't miss one of the incredible shows, exploring old Las Vegas on Fairmont Street and of course, on the strip for the spectacular firework display on New Year's Eve. Here's what you need to know.

Welcome To Las Vegas, Nevada Sign
Welcome To Las Vegas, Nevada ©MDHarding

Celebrating New Year In Las Vegas

Getting To Las Vegas

You can reach Las Vegas with a direct flight in around 10 hours. We flew British Airways from London Heathrow. There are less expensive indirect options available.

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign at McCarran International Airport
Welcome To McCarran International Airport ©MDHarding

Accommodation In Las Vegas

We stayed at Harrah's Hotel directly on the strip, in the middle of all the action. The room was very comfortable and had a view overlooking the strip. Though you might like to stay in one of the many other hotels available such as Caesars Palace, The Venetian or The Luxor.

View Overlooking The Las Vegas Strip at Sunset Including The Mirage Hotel.
The Mirage at Sunset, Las Vegas ©MDHarding

What Not To Miss In Las Vegas

There are so many really cool things to experience such as going to the top of The tallest freestanding observation tower in the U.S - The Stratosphere, now known as The STRAT. Standing at 1,149 feet you can enjoy spectacular views of the city and for the brave, there are exhilarating rides including Big Shot, X-Scream, SkyJump and Insanity.

Each hotel has an array of things to see and do such as, taking a gondola ride in The Venetian, exploring the amazing Egyptian artefacts at The Luxor Hotel, enjoying breakfast with outstanding views at the top of the Eiffel Tower or delicious crepes in a small Parisian patisserie or what about one of the amazing shows?

Do you love chocolate too? Don't miss the chocolate fountain at the Bellagio! Said to be the largest chocolate fountain in the world. There is a mix of milk, dark and white chocolate. It didn't give me the wow factor but it's cool to see. Make it a pit stop, for a sweet treat in between seeing the incredible dancing waters and the botanical gardens.

As well as everything at all the grand hotels, you might also like to take a trip to one of the new natural wonders of the world - Grand Canyon National Park. We tried to squeeze it all in by taking the three in one day trip. This included the bus transfer, helicopter tour over the canyon and down into the valley. Where we took a short boat ride along the Colorado River and then helicopter back to base, before taking the park tour bus around to the restaurant and viewing place. It was all too much and didn't go according to plan. With so many visitors the helicopter rides were severely delayed by a considerable amount of time, then there was a long wait down in the valley before the helicopter came back to collect us. So much so, that there was no time for the restaurant or much viewing/exploring at the various stops. It was so disappointing and we were starving! Luckily there was a toilet on board.

If you plan on taking a day trip to the Grand Canyon please do as much research as possible on the many tours/companies to make the best decision. I thought I had, but I hope this helps you. If you decide to visit down in the valley and take a boat trip, you might like to take mosquito repellant. We were surrounded.

Grand Canyon Landscape
Grand Canyon, Las Vegas ©MDHarding

New Year In Las Vegas

New Year in Las Vegas is one of the most bizarre things! Many visitors do go to gamble, so it's a mad rush for most from the casino machines, out onto the strip for the fireworks and the street is just as quickly deserted.

The year we visited Las Vegas Celine Dion was performing at Caesars Palace. We were thrilled to get tickets for New Year's Eve. The luxurious red velvet seats rimmed with gold beading was quickly covered in bums, the auditorium was sold out. She was incredible! Singing her heart out, eyes closed, the captivated audience including us were taken back by one emotional fan. She got up from her seat and slowly took the central stairs to the stage. We all thought it was part of the performance. Until a stunned Celine opened her eyes in surprise, receiving a hug during an almighty performance. Celine returned the heartfelt hug and the lady was graciously escorted back to her seat. The concert continued uneventfully with some of Celine's famous ballads including My Heart Will Go On. One of the most unforgettable highlights of the trip. Which show in Las Vegas will you go to see?

Afterwards, we headed to a ticketed event at Senor Frogs. Fun music, drinks and balloon drop. Then quickly out to see the fireworks and the masses that had gathered on the strip. It was something that I had never seen or think I will be witness to again. The phenomenon of hardcore gamblers. What have you seen that took you by surprise?

Caesars Palace at Sunset, Las Vegas
Caesars Palace at Sunset, Las Vegas ©MDHarding

Top Tips:

Las Vegas is really popular at New Year, if you can, pre-book helicopter tours etc in advance. We found that the cost of tours are more expensive if booking there.

Look out for holiday packages as they offer the best value for money. Beware of extra costs such as local payable taxes. Most hotels are on a room only basis but don't fret it's a great opportunity to try one of the scrumptious breakfasts at one of the many hotels or eateries.

The strip is huge! If you go for one of the further away hotels, jump on one of the local buses. There are also ample taxis too.

Best place for shopping in Las Vegas North Premium Outlets with a variety of stores from high street to designer brands. It's easily accessible with the local bus.

I hope you have enjoyed reading, as much as I have enjoyed sharing about the incredible, bizarre and entertaining Las Vegas. As always, I would love to answer any questions you may have. You can reach me by email, Facebook and Twitter.

Until next time, take care and stay safe.

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