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Bringing Nature Into The Home - Deer Designs With Antlers

I love nature, walking in amongst the flora and fauna. There has always been something grounding, a larger picture, and so much joy. Architects, interior designers, and garden designers have been bringing the outside, inside for years. As it brings so much peace, a sense of calm and is said to have health/well-being benefits. These past two years have changed us, our priorities, and the way we live. Having moved into our new home last year we were also looking at different ways to bring more nature into our lives. Antlers have been an interior design statement for years, with more recent resin lookalikes available. Here is how you can go a more authentic antler route and incorporate them into your home.

Close-up of a large male red deer with grown antlers.
Rua at Highland Safaris & Red Deer Centre, Aberfeldy, Scotland ©MDHarding

Interiors With Antlers

Did you know red deer antlers are naturally shed each year in April/May? By August/September the new antlers have grown in. Red deer antlers can reach 90 cm (3 ft.) in length and weigh 3 kg (6.6 lbs) each.

In the Cherokee homelands of the southern United States, deer antlers are a symbol of luck and heritage. The Deer is also a celebrated animal in the Chinese zodiac and in feng shui a symbol of abundance. It is said that if you have antlers in the southeast corner of the dining room or even in the east direction of the house, they will bring abundant health to the lives of everyone living in the house. Deer paintings and photographs are also said to bring luck and light, along with better opportunities for fame and money in the path of your career when placed in your home and office.

Scottish Themed Bedroom ©MDHarding

Where To Get Antlers

You can find them laying on the ground but I got mine from Highland Safaris and Red Deer Centre. They have a wide selection of red deer antlers of various sizes, that have all been naturally shed and cleaned. Prices vary depending on size.

But first a delicious hot chocolate (yum)!

Highland Safaris and Red Deer Centre is well worth a visit. There is an owl experience, jeep safari, and more. It's a great day out for the whole family. You can read more about what to expect on a Highland Jeep Safari and other places of interest in the area.