A to Z Travel Blog - Ukraine

Some destinations sad to say are just not on the bucket list but Ukraine is a hot topic right now. With unprecedented numbers flocking to visit Chernobyl. Yes, still radioactive but seemingly safe you can now take a day tour. Not your cup of tea either? Don't worry there is plenty more to explore both in the large city of Kyiv (Kiev) and the surrounding areas.

A to Z Travel Blog - Ukraine

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Getting to Kyiv

We travelled from Krakow, Poland to Kyiv with Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) but there are other options available. The delayed flight arrived in the evening when it was already dark so we opted to take a taxi to the hotel. The fare was so reasonable and as it was convenient too, we decided to take the taxi option returning too. Before leaving the small airport we used the ATM for local currency.

Sadly Ukraine is one location that 3 mobile doesn't cover in the Go Roam package. We found it was easy enough to get around with free mobile hot spots in restaurants and at the hotel too. This got us by over the 4 days. Though you might like to purchase a sim card at the airport. The taxi took approx 40 minutes each way.

Colourful Propeller Antonov An-24 Art Plane, Kyiv Airport, Ukraine