How To Travel To Elgin, Scotland On A Day Trip

The Royal Burgh of Elgin dates back to 1190 AD. A former Cathedral City, the historic town is famous for it's industries such as textiles and of course whisky distilling.

Much of Scotland can be reached very easily with public transportation. So why not make your travel plans to include the northern Scottish town - Elgin. Here's how you can travel to Elgin on a day trip from Edinburgh.

River Lossie, Elgin ©MDHarding

How To Travel To Elgin, Scotland On A Day Trip

Reaching Elgin

Travel by train on one of the most captivating journeys along the East Coast of Scotland from Edinburgh through to Aberdeen and beyond to Elgin. Enjoy the beautiful Scottish landscapes including the UNESCO World Heritage Site - Forth Rail Bridge, dramatic coastal scenes and much more.

I traveled and returned to Edinburgh in one day, but to make the most out of your trip I would schedule a couple of days. There is lots to see in Elgin and the surrounding areas.

If like me, you don't have much time are full of energy and looking to travel to Elgin in one day, ta