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A to Z Travel Blog - Taiwan

Updated: Mar 10

It's time for Taiwan known as the "Heart of Asia", one of the best travel destinations in Asia. It may not be one of the cheapest to visit but it is a must-visit for its great food and of course incredible national parks, as well as much more!

Yehliu Geopark, Taiwan ©MDHarding

A to Z Travel Blog - Taiwan

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Reaching Taiwan

We flew with Eva Air (Evergreen Airlines) Taiwan's no 1 airline, from London Heathrow. Flying to more than 40 countries worldwide including destinations in Australia, Europe, and North America. Part of the star alliance group with a 5-star airline rating, It will come as no surprise that it was a great flight. The flight is not a short one at 17 hours but in the premium economy, it was very comfortable. The cabin felt very spacious and there was plenty of legroom. (The flight time includes a short change in Thailand's Bangkok International Airport).

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The top Tip for balancing jet lag is to arrive during daylight hours. Find out more here.

Sunrise with Eva Air ©MDHarding


We love to try out different styles of accommodation while we travel from Airbnb, homestays to luxury hotels and resorts.

Taipei: Airbnb was perfect for the first few days in Taiwan's capital Taipei. It was very central with lots of restaurants, shops and very close to the metro station. Our hosts were very friendly and keen to assist us with our travels. Have you ever tried Airbnb? What was your experience like? If you would like to try it here is a link to save £25.00 on your first stay and £9.00 off your first experience.

Taroko National Park: We stayed at Liwu Hotel in Fushi. The train station is only 10 minutes by taxi from the hotel or you can also take the local bus. Only a few minutes' walk away from the entrance to Taroko National Park. Ideal for exploring and seeing the many sights within the park including the Eternal Spring Shine.

Hualien - Promisedland Resort 5-star resort. Relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings, spa, and even afternoon tea at the beautiful Promisedland Resort. Take the train to Hualien and the shuttle will be waiting to transfer you to the Promisedland Resort.

Alishan National Park: This is one location where I would recommend spending more on accommodation. Where we stayed was really disgusting! After speaking to another traveler seemingly the other small hotels are all the same. If you can, stay at the 4-star Alishan House Hotel. They offer complimentary shuttle service to and from the hotel. You will want to stay as close as possible for the early start. Sunrise trip of course, via the Alishan Forest Railway. Not to be missed!

Sun Moon Lake: Sun Moon Lake was one of the places we should have planned to stay longer. It is so beautiful at the lake, with boat trips, bike riding, and the cable car. Highly recommend the Lakeside Hotel. It's a modern building with contemporary rooms and the hosts are very friendly and can't wait to help. On the edge of the lake with beautiful views and only 20 minute walk to the bus station.