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Foodie Friday in Edinburgh

Updated: 6 days ago

Travel the world's tasty delights within Edinburgh. From China to Hungary, India to Vietnam there is something for everyone! Recently, I visited my first Filipino cafe and the service/food were excellent. I couldn't wait to share this amazing find.

Nepali Momo's Being Prepared ©MDHarding

Foodie Friday in Edinburgh

Vietnam House Restaurant

Vietnam House Restaurant is conveniently located opposite Haymarket Train Station, Edinburgh. The owner is lovely and very smiley. There are ample tables to accommodate small and large groups, surrounded by incredible Vietnamese art (available to purchase).

Each time I have visited I have been delighted by the serving of fresh spring rolls served with peanut sauce. The spring rolls are filled with delicate salad, mint, and shrimp wrapped in rice paper. Each serving comes with three fresh spring rolls or you can opt for one or two. For only one it is £2.30 or three for only £5.99.

Truly authentic Vietnamese Restaurant in Edinburgh!

Vietnamese Prawn Spring Roll With Peanut Sauce ©MDHarding

Magna Hungaria

Located at the west end of Edinburgh Magna Hungaria delights with the local Hungarian charm. We tried local specialty dishes of Gulyás - G