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Got to Gigha a Go

Updated: Mar 10

The Isle of Gigha located on the west coast of Scotland is home to a population of 160. At only seven miles long and a mile and a half wide it is an ideal walkers' paradise, with beautiful gardens - Achamore, beaches, and historic sites to visit. Did you know it was named 'Gudey' by the Vikings?

Isle of Gigha ©MDHarding

Got to Gigha a Go

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I love visiting the Scottish Islands each unique in size, shape, and character. Some have amazing gardens, beaches, wildlife and one even has eight whisky distilleries. Do you know which one?

The Isle of Gigha pronounced 'geeya', with a hard 'g' is a beautiful island. Ideal for those that love walking, nature, and looking for a tranquil getaway.

Viewpoint at Achamore Gardens ©MDHarding

Getting to the Isle of Gigha

We drove from Edinburgh via Inveraray, to the port of Tayinloan which took 4 hours with a brief rest stop at Bonnie & Ben Cafe on the shores of Loch Lomond - Tarbet. Some of the public toilets are closed during the off-season, while others are for customers only. There is a large car park, options to cruise on Loch Lomond and public toilets are available throughout most of the year.

We had just pulled up (2.55pm) just as the light turned green, signaling cars to drive onto the CalMac (Caledonian MacBrayne) ferry. For this particular ferry, you just rock on up and pay once on board. On the twenty-minute journey, you can relax inside or enjoy the views from the top deck.

Total cost for car + 2 passengers return = £ 15.20