A to Z Travel Blog - Holland

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

My first trip to Holland was back in 1989 when I was in 1st year at high school, a lot has changed since then! I was in awe with the wooden clogs, the vibrant floral Tulip displays and of course the delicious sweet marzipan treats. It was an educational trip with the geography department at school and the teachers had researched and packed our itinerary with lots of amazing things to do, taste and discuss throughout. Since then I have visited a few more times enjoying the relaxing boats trips along it's many canals in Amsterdam, seeing the Crown Jewels at The Hague, the medieval city of Maastricht, and discovering some of it's historical stories such as that told by Anne Frank, seeing works by artist Van Gogh and much more! Here is what not to miss when you visit.

Canals of Amsterdam ©MDHarding

A to Z Blog - Holland

How to Reach Holland

Holland or also known as The Netherlands, is easy to reach from the UK and many cities throughout Europe. Today the ferry is as popular today as it was back in the day to visit. The P&O ferry sails overnight from Hull to Rotterdam and there is also a sailing from Newcastle to Amsterdam with DFDS with ample room on-board to enjoy the bar, shop, cinema and more.

As Autumn creeps in why not enjoy the last of the Summer Fiesta with a mini cruise to Holland? Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy a mini cruise from as little as £44! Only available till 10th September.

For a 4 person mini cruise travel for £125 instead of £59pp available till the end of September.

If you have limited travel time why not take one of the short flights available with airlines such as low cost budget airline EasyJet or with Amsterdam's local airline KLM.

Flying High With KLM ©MDHarding

Where to Stay

There are some really cool places to stay from up-cycled storage containers, boat hotels or even a historic private tower.

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City Break Options

Amsterdam is a great city to explore with many inexpensive city break options. Why not choose a combined accommodation and Flight option to give you the best value.

What to See and Do

Holland is famous for its clogs (wooden shoes), cheese and of course Tulips! So what better place to start than with a visit to Rembrandt Hoeve Cheesefarm and Clog Factory. After a morning visit, time for lunch and possibly a light refreshment?

Clogs of Amsterdam ©MDHarding

Specialty Food & Drink

One of my favourite sweet treats is the Stroopwafel. The Stroopwafel delicacy dates back to 1784, when a baker from the town of Gouda baked a waffle using old crumbs and spices, and filled it with syrup. Today you can get to try the fresh Stroopwafel on the streets of Amsterdam or buy the delightful souvenir tin to take home for friends and family.

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Did you know you can also visit Heineken Experience? There is also Amstel which is also owned by Heineken.

With over 50 craft beers and ale you might like to go on a Brews & Tales Craft Beer Tour.