Bird Spotting With The Scottish Seabird Centre

You don't have to travel far in Scotland to enjoy beautiful scenery and spot some wonderful wildlife. Recently we enjoyed a catamaran cruise from the coastal town of North Berwick around the islands of Craigleith and Bass Rock, located in the Firth of Forth. Looking for a fun day out for all the family? This will inspire the young through to the more mature members of the family, with interactive displays inside the centre, to the exciting wildlife spotting opportunities.

Bird Spotting With The Scottish Seabird Centre

Reaching North Berwick

North Berwick is easily reached by car, bus and train from Edinburgh. We took the train from Edinburgh Waverley taking only 30 minutes. It is a relaxing journey, no stress of trying to find a car parking space. Time to sit back and enjoy the passing scenes of the Scottish countryside before the short walk to the Scottish Seabird Centre. The best value train ticket to purchase is called a cheap day return. This must be purchased before boarding the train for travel anytime after 10am (during the week). Don't worry about your return, there are no restrictions on your return time from North Berwick. The train departs for North Berwick every 30 minutes from Edinburgh but returning only every hour. There is a cosy waiting room at North Berwick train station but don't be caught short, as there is no bathroom!


About The Scottish Seabird Centre

The Scottish Seabird Centre is a 5 star attraction, since opening in 2000 has won over 25 awards for sustainability, quality, innovation and customer service.The charity is dedicated to inspiring people to care for wildlife and the natural environment. The centre has large interactive displays, a cafe and gift shop.

One of it's most famous visitors has been Sir David Attenborough when filming for a new wildlife programme for Sky's 3D.

The Scottish Seabird Centre ©MDHarding

Catamaran Cruise

The catamaran cruise departs from North Berwick sailing around Craigleith and Bass Rock with the world's largest colony of northern gannets. Bass Rock was voted BBC Countryfile Magazine's Nature Reserve of the Year 2014/15 & 2015/16. The total duration is 1 hour.

The catamaran carries up to 55 passengers, is partially open to see the incredible wildlife and there are toilets on-board.

On-board the Seabird Catamaran Cruise ©MDHarding


Craigleith one of the small islands standing at 24 metres at it's highest point, located in the Firth of Forth used to be home to one of the largest colony's of puffins. In 1999 numbers crashed due to an aggressive alien plant species. Today the puffins are back at home and it was fun seeing the comical little birds. You can also see seals, cormorants, shags and more!

Puffin Swimming Solo ©MDHarding

Bass Rock

Discover Bass Rock's historical past and how there was once a prison! Today it is home to the largest colony of gannet's. The sight is spectacular and it has a smell that stay's with you.

Reminds me of the pungent smell on one of the Galapagos Islands. Did you know that you can also book a boat trip with a Bass Rock landing?

Bass Rock Lighthouse & Remaining Prison Walls ©MDHarding