Celebrating Robert Burns In Scotland

Robert Burns also known as Rabbie Burns, the national poet of Scotland was born in Alloway 1759. Famous for his renditions 'To a Mouse', 'Address to a Haggis', 'Tam o' Shanter', 'A Red, Red Rose' and 'Auld Lang Syne'. Discover more about this famous Scot and Celebrating Robert Burns In Scotland.

Bust of Robert Burns ©MDHarding

Celebrating Robert Burns In Scotland

Places To Visit In Alloway, The Birthplace of Robert Burns

1. Robert Burns Birthplace Museum

Explore inside Robert Burns Birthplace Museum, it has a wealth of information, cafe with delicious snacks, hot and cold beverage's, there is also a gift shop and you can also get your very own Burns Shadow Portrait.

Inspired Sculpture At Robert Burns Birthplace Museum ©MDHarding

2. Burns Cottage

Go back in time with a visit to Burns Cottage built in 1757.

Inside Burns Cottage ©MDHarding

3. Alloway Auld Kirk

The Alloway Auld Kirk dates back to the 16th century, now a ruin celebrated for the scene in Tam O' Shanter where the witches danced. Robert Burns was baptised here in 1759 and is now the final resting place of Burns father father William Burnes and sister Isabella Burns Begg.

Alloway Auld Kirk ©MDHarding

4. Brig O' Doon

The medieval arch stone bridge has been featured with Undiscovered Scotland as one of the pilgrimage sites for fan's of Robert Burns.

Brig O' Doon ©MDHarding

5. Burns Monument and Memorial Gardens

The Burns Monument was built 20 years after Burns death, by a strong committee of his followers. After a stroll through the Memorial Garden, climb to the top of the Burns Monument for 360 degree views.

Burns Monument and Memorial Garden ©MDHarding

Burns Supper

Burns still famous over 200 years after his death, in Scotland we celebrate Burns Night on the 25th January.