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Traveling Mishaps/Learning Curves

After traveling for many years I am a great believer that as well as being a great teacher it also brings gratitude and understanding of the many cultures and issues that are going on in the world.

Being a regular traveller has not made me inaccessible to some of the trials and tribulations that can happen whilst traveling. I would like to share some of my learning curves with you that I hope you will enjoy and help you on your journey.


My first story takes place in Greece, a few years ago when I was This was one of my first solo travel adventures. I was very excited as I was meeting my pen friend for the first time, which I had been writing to for several years.

Upon reaching Athens, it was late evening the airport was quiet. I exited the terminal building to find a taxi to take me to the ferry terminal. I was soon to discover that the taxi drivers didn’t speak any English! With a little improvisation and trying out what I knew in German, Italian and Spanish at the time, the word” barco” meaning boat struck a chord. What a relief! I hoped that I was being taken to the right place. I lost a few years with worried thinking. The journey was erratic as with most European cities, reaching the ferry terminal with a sense of urgency. The port like the airport was deserted. I had a few hours to wait till the next ferry. Being younger you have that sense that you can take on the world and it’s all one big adventure, not thinking of what can go wrong. The hours went by quickly, the sunrise dramatic. The ticket office opened, showing my destination on a piece of paper, I got my ticket and after a few moments I could see the ferry on the horizon. The debarking and re-loading of the freight and traffic took place at top speed. Soon I was on top deck enjoying the views out, over the shimmering blue waters. The journey was slow and tiresome stopping at several of the small islands. The announcements came and went in Greek. We stopped at this port for a little time longer and several announcements were made. Something seemed to ring a bell; I jumped up and headed down to the gangway. Yes! I had arrived in Paros. Walking all the way off the same deck as the cars, I could hear shouting; I turned around to be faced with people waving. Weary after the little sleep I stepped off and turned around once more. The ferry had already pulled out!

To be continued……

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