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Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival has officially started. I was very excited to get my ticket for the Assembly Gala press launch, which was held on Wednesday evening. The Assembly Gala was held at the Assembly Hall on the mound. It’s such a great venue. It doesn’t really matter which seat you get, as they all have great viewing. Just watch out for the pillars. I was so excited I was the first to arrive! The beer was still being unloaded from the van parked outside. Lol Well it was very humid and I was thirsty;) I took a few photos, looking down to the big wheel and overlooking Princes Street. The lighting was really good. The sky was getting dark with the sun piercing through. It was very dramatic.

The barriers were up ready for the fourth coming queue. Here we go!

The court yard has a large bar to the right upon entering, and on the left there are a few garden tables with parasols. I just got seated at one of the tables with a parasol, when the heavens opened up. It wasn’t to last and the sun was back out in time for us to head into the main venue.

On the way in we got the shock of our lives when a zombie headed straight for us. The make-up was incredible, blood drooling from his mouth. He really was a sight for sore eyes! Oh and his piercing eyes drove right through you. It sent shivers down my body. We found out that it was a character from The Generation of Z production. Mmm I think, I will be giving that one a miss. Not quite my cup of tea.

Inside the layout of the stage and seating is similar to an old theatre. The seats are very comfortable though!

The warm up act needed no introduction HAKA, New Zealand’s finest Maori acts. The stamping of their feet, grounding them to the spot in time with the chanting of Maori sayings, their eyes focused and bulging, then at moments the flapping of tongues. It was very mesmerising and entertaining.

Comedian Jason Byrne was hot of his heals getting into the audience. It was funny but maybe not sit in the front row. Jason did a great job of getting the crowd going in-between and introducing the next acts.

Next up was Janice Joplin Full Tilt. The spotlight was on Janice making her entrance from the back of the audience when one lady was up and trying to get to the toilet. It was hilarious!! Janice had to ask the lady to sit down, while sharing her spotlight.

Simon Callow gave us an introduction on Juvenalia, which he is preforming in. It takes us back to 1oo years AD with all the trials and trepidations that are as current now as they were then.

Lady Rizo, Brazouka – Braziallian Dance Troupe, Comedian Luke McGregor, The Ceilidh, Pants Down Circus – Hard rock cool gymnastics with humour, Australian Comedian Holly Walsh, Black Grace, Fifty Shades the Musical, Glen Cosbie – Food Junkie (Known from the Great British Bake Off), Elephant Room - Something a little bit magical, and then the fabulous Divallusion with Christina Bianco and Velma Celli. There was a real mixture of everything from Cabaret to Comedy, something for everyone. What a fantastic night! Lots to get your teeth into, in this year’s Fringe Festival.

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