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Where To Go When By Lonely Planet - The Ultimate Trip Planner For Every Month Of The Year

There are so many amazing places to visit on our beautiful planet. January is a great time to plan, research and book those incredible trips. Not sure where to start? Where To Go When - The ultimate trip planner has you covered! This is the 2nd edition of this fabulous book published by Lonely Planet with outstanding photography, events, and world festivals you don't want to miss!

Where To Go When - The Ultimate Trip Planner For Every Month Of The Year By Lonely Planet ©MDHarding

Where To Go When By Lonely Planet: Book Review

There are travel books then there are travel books! This one has you covered Where To Go When but also the why and the how.

The curated content covers 300 destinations split across 12 chapters - one for each month of the year.

Follow the flowchart for the month you would like to travel with your why (challenge yourself, grow me, show me, go me, or perhaps relax/indulge to discover the best destination, or read the events page for around-the-world events including Carnaval De Quebec - the world's largest winter carnival.

Discover more about each destination, the best trip plan, need to know and potentially other months you could visit. "It pays to think outside the box - or, at least, outside high season" -Sarah Baxter and Paul Bloomfield.

I thoroughly enjoyed following my why, which lead me to my dream destination - Antarctica. It was also fun discovering world festivals I had never heard of before including Harbin International Ice & Snow Festival which takes place in January, Harbin, China. Would you like to see the astonishing ice sculptures of famous monuments, mythical creatures, and more?

Whenever and wherever you want to travel, this book has you covered. Where should you go next?

Where To Go When - Lonely Planet is available now. ISBN: 9781838695050 RRP £19.99

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