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Please email: enquiries@MDHardingTravelPhotography.com

Up & Coming Events:





Current Locations:


Boutique Card & Gift shops,

Edinburgh & surrounding areas





Past Locations:


Large Photographic Framed works now for sale at -

Kings Court Galleries, Falkirk

Past Exhibitions:

22nd November 2012

Sky Bar - Point Conference Centre,

Bread street, Edinburgh


6th January - 19th January 2013

Film House

Lothian Road





 19th January - 22nd February 2013


Lochrin Terrace




"Story of the Creative" Exhibition NY

July 25th - September 10th 2013

See | Exhibition Space

26-19 Jackson Ave.

Long Island City, NY 11101


"Creatives Rising" Projection NY

October 5th 2013


​"Year in Review 2013" Exhibition NY

March 2013






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