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theSpaceUK Press Launch

theSpaceUK was back in August 2023 celebrating its 28th year with the biggest writing programme at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe! Established in 1995, theSpaceUk hosts the largest and most diverse programme at the Fringe. Companies, both professional and amateur, are given an affordable, supportive, and professional platform to showcase their work. Here are some of the stellar showcase of performances from theSpaceUK.

Characters from MacBeth By The Sea production.
Macbeth By The Sea ©M D Harding Travel Photography


And Then The Rodeo Burned Down

Chloe and Natasha

The rodeo is the best place in the world. Why would anybody burn it down? Alleged arson fractures into the clowns desperately trying to afford to put on a show. Winner of a Fringe First award in 2022 (after just a one-week run). Chloe and Natasha return to this year's Fringe with And Then The Rodeo Burned Down and their new show, What If They Ate The Baby.

Too Big For Her Britches

Lisa Pezik

A hilarious and heartbreaking dark comedy driven by 20 characters and 11 original songs, in which the heroine, Luna, endeavours to disentangle herself from bad decisions and an overbearing, narcissistic mother. Awarded Best in Venue - Ontario Fringe 2022.

Macbeth By The Sea

John Hancock Productions

Gary and Cheryl Macbeth have killed King Duncan and taken over his kingdom. Now it's time to party! Except Banquo's battered spirit shows up and ruins dessert. Lady Macbeth orders a holiday to get their heads on straight. Try as they might, Banquo and a certain trio of witches are there to remind them of their slimy trail of shame.

After This Plane Has Landed

Exit Productions

Brand-new original musical drama-comedy based on the true stories of Jill Morrell and John McCarthy. His five years held hostage in Lebanon. Her tireless campaign for his release. Events unfolding beyond their fairy-tale reunion under a very public spotlight.

Los Guardiola - The Comedy Of Tango

Giorgia Marchiori and Marcelo Guardiola

Internationally renowned artists, Los Guardiola lead you into their fantasy world of Tango Teatro, where tragedy, comedy, poetry and humour collide. A mime and dance tribute to silent movies. The comedy of Tango has been on the bill non-stop in Parisian theatres for 6 years, with a huge success.

I Killed My Ex

Dear Dark

When two dear friends, Tina and Lola, impulsively kill Tina's ex after he leaves her at the alter, events spiral out of control, taking a hectic turn. Who has never thought of killing an ex? Metaphorically, we have to.

Attack Of The 36 Triple-G Woman

Natalie Perlin

Called a 'dark, hilarious, Jewish Dolly Parton', America's salacious sweetheart Natalie Perlin seeks revenge on every man who wronged her. From summer camp crushes to Hitler, no man is safe! Kinky, provocative, brilliantly unhinged!

Barry Potter And The Magic Of Wizardry

Tim Motley / Racing Sloth Productions

Real live wizard magic! Experience the wonder of world-class wizardry in a realm of messenger owls, robed wizards, and flying broomsticks! Marvel at mind-blowing mysteries with cauldrons, goblets, scrolls and talking snakes. Also, there are jokes!

The Quality Of Mercy: Concerning The Life And Crimes Of Dr Harold Frederick Shipman

Nailed Productions

From his cell in the early hours of the morning, Dr Harold Shipman reflects on the choices, compulsions and fascinations that cemented his place as the most prolific serial killer in British history. Written and performed by the grandson of one of Shipman's victims.

Gerard Noir

Early Stage Productions

Not your grandparents' opera. Gerard Noir is a world-premiere, sexy-spy singing show for the sophisticated slut within us all. Laugh and reflect as the show satirises the best of opera, penis jokes and hypermasculinity. Rated R.


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