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A Highland Coo Van Adventure - The Lighthouse Stevenson's

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

Hamish, Archie, and Morag have been out exploring Scotland and enjoying the year of Architecture, Innovation, and Design 2016.

There have been a number of great events celebrating both the year of Architecture, Innovation and Design 2016 plus lots more! Here are some of the great Lighthouses, made possible by the Stevenson family with events not to be missed!

Stevenson Lighthouse's of Scotland

Robert Louis Stevenson, Edinburgh ©MDHarding

Isle of May Lighthouse

This past weekend the Northern Lighthouse Board was celebrating 200 years of the Isle of May Lighthouse, which has been in operation since 1816 and the island celebrating 60 years as a nature reserve. As part of the celebrations the lighthouse has been turned into an art gallery, the exhibition is available throughout the month of August and can be reached by boat from Anstruther and North Berwick. During the months of May/June visit the island to see the fascinating colony of Puffins.

Puffin, Isle of May ©MDHarding

The Oldest Mainland Lighthouse

The oldest mainland Lighthouse - Kinnaird Head and the Lighthouse Museum is located in the busy fishing port of Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire. Once a castle owned and built by the Fraser family in the 16th century. Then in 1787 was converted into Kinnaird Head Lighthouse, with the structure being rebuilt in the 1820s, to what can be seen today. Alongside you can see the new automated light built-in 1991.

While visiting don't miss the tour up into the lighthouse, and discover the painstaking labour-intensive man-hours that were worked, in order to keep the light beaming bright for miles.

There is also a delightful cafe within the museum building, hosting binoculars. See if you can spot any Dolphins.

Kinnaird Head Lighthouse, Fraserburgh ©MDHarding

Arbroath Signal Tower Museum

Arbroath Signal Tower was the shore station for Britain's oldest surviving rock lighthouse, which is still today warning ships off the jagged Bell Rock. Built-in 1807 during the harshest weather conditions. Today you can visit the museum learning about the lighthouse, life as a lighthouse keeper, and the local fishing/maritime industries. While in the area why not try one of the local dishes - Arbroath Smokies?

Arbroath Harbour ©MDHarding

Staying in a lighthouse

If you are traveling throughout Scotland and would like to enjoy a unique experience in a lighthouse? I can highly recommend the Rua Reidh Lighthouse. The scenic drive takes you up through some of the most spectacular Scottish landscapes, including mountain ranges such as the Torridon Hills. There are also picturesque scenes across many of the vast Scottish lochs like Loch Ewe.

Wester Ross, Scottish Highlands ©MDHarding

I hope I have inspired you to follow in Hamish, Archie, and Morag's footsteps in exploring Scotland.

I would love to hear from you. Have you visited or stayed in one of Scotland's lighthouses? What was your highlight? or perhaps you have a question? Please do get in touch. Happy Travels:) x

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